Tips to Clean Your Home in Minutes Each Day

Armed with glass cleaner, an all purpose cleaner, paper towels or cleaning cloths, swiffer or handheld vacuum cleaner, enter each room with a plan to quickly reclaim the territory from the enemy bacteria, soap scum, mildew, grime and clutter in minutes.

15 minutes a day cleaning schedule

Clean Your Bathrooms

With glass cleaner in hand spray mirrors, faucets, outside of glass shower door and other glass surfaces. Spritz sink and toilet (spray all surfaces including the bowl and under the rim) with all purpose cleaner. Wipe dry the mirrors, faucets, etc. to leave a shine. Now wipe down the sink and the toilet and give the bowl a quick swish with the brush. Replace hand towel if it looks soiled or has not been replaced for a few days. Spray the inside of the tub and shower with a shower spray and then swiffer or sweep the floor and you should be done. This all should take 2-3 minutes or less and your bath is fresh for the day.

Clean Your Kitchen

In the kitchen clear and wipe the counters and bar area, start dishwasher if needed, wipe down the sink and spray with glass cleaner for a quick shine. Wipe off the stove top, spritz first with all purpose cleaner to degrease. Wipe the fridge door and handle if needed and sweep or swiffer the kitchen floor. Use a damp paper towel to quickly wipe any spots from the floor and wipe in front of stove to catch any splatters from cooking. If you use your foot to wipe the floor it keeps you off your hands and knees and it gives your legs a quick bit of exercise. Put up a fresh hand towel, tea towel for drying dishes and dish cloth if needed. This should take 3-5 minutes at the most and if done each day, results in a clean kitchen without the major cleaning project you may hate.

Clean Your Living Room and or Family Room

Do a quick assessing of the needs as you enter the room. Quickly de-clutter by picking up newspapers, books or movies, etc. that may be lying about. Fold throws and place neatly on the back of furniture and rearrange toss pillows. Wipe down tables quickly with a damp cloth some days to remove finger prints or soil otherwise dust with a duster and be on your way to concentrate on the carpet or the floor. Vacuum area rugs or carpet with hand vac for a quick refresh between vacuuming if needed. Swiffer hardwood or tile floors if needed, you may not need to do this each day. This should take only a few minutes 3-6 minutes and you’re off to conquer clutter and mess in another room.

Clean Your Bedroom

Pickup clothes or shoes and put them away. Put away jewelry, purses, etc. back where they belong. Clear the dresser and nightstands and dust with duster if needed. Make the bed and place toss pillows on the head of bed. Sweep or swiffer floors and walk out the door knowing your house is fresh and clean. This will take maybe 5-6 minutes and give you peace of mind in knowing your home is ready for you and your family to enjoy.

Clean Your Front Entry or Back Mud Room

The same holds true here a quick once over and you will be done. Sweeping or vacuuming floors in these entry areas is especially important so that you do not track dirt carried in on shoes to the rest of the house. Of course leaving shoes at the entry way is the best way of keep floors in your house clean.

Other quick tips for cleaning

Take paper napkins that are still clean from the dinner table and turn inside out and dampen and use this to wipe quickly over hardwood floors in kitchen, especially in areas in front of cutting board or stove. Or any area that gets especially dirty and is close at hand (or foot). This makes full use of this paper that would otherwise just be thrown away. It takes less than 30 seconds and saves dirt, grit and grease from being tracked elsewhere in the house. If napkins from dinner are obviously soiled then throw them away, but if it can be repurposed and it is already in your hand, why not make better use of it?

If there is a spill in oven or under burners, clean as soon as it cools. Don’t leave it for later and end up with it cooked or baked on.

When you wash dishes or clean up your kitchen after a meal make sure to wipe dry the kitchen sink and faucet so that hard water spots don’t build up around faucets or on sink edges.

After wiping down counters, sinks, etc in kitchen or bath with all purpose cleaner if needed, wipe over quickly with a paper towel or cloth sprayed with glass cleaner to alleviate streaks and to leave a shine.

When more than dry dusting is required on furniture use a slightly damp cloth or paper towel to wipe first. Then either rinse cloth or moisten a fresh one (cloth should be damp not wet) and then spray with your favorite
furniture polish. This will leave a nice dust free finish without leaving too much product residue, which would only collect dust and show finger prints more rapidly.

Take off shoes when you enter your home. This is the biggest tip I can give for having clean floors and a dust free home. Try it you’ll like it!

Special tip: When you have someone with cold or flu in the home, use disinfectant wipes or disinfectant spray on faucets, handles, light switches, etc. at least once a day. Spray trash cans too and keep trash cans emptied of contaminated waste on a regular basis and don’t allow to overflow. Throw used tissues in trash and not leave laying on floor or nightstand, etc. Change hand towels in bath and kitchen more often during this time.


The above ideas will get you started in keeping your house clean and organized on a continual basis. Of course the routine can and should be adjusted to the needs of your home. If you don’t need to swiffer everyday or in every room then by all means skip this step on those days. If the mirror in bath is spot and streak free then skip this step. Spraying down the sink, faucets and toilet each day in bath and wiping down kitchen counters, sink, etc. everyday at least once is necessary.

When your home is clean and fresh each day the desire to keep it that way will grow as everyone feels less entitled to make a mess of a room that is nice and clean. Plus it is easier to keep things where they belong if they start out that way.

If you get in the habit of giving your house a little attention each day, you will find the perfect balance for you and your family. More heavy duty cleaning jobs will seem less daunting. You will reclaim your territory and conquer the bacteria, soap scum, mildew, grime and clutter in minutes each day and keep the boogie man of a dirty, messy house at bay.


My own home, I employ these ideas in my home on a regular basis and have for many years. I was a single Mom for many years and used this system to maintain our home. I believe a clean home adds a touch of luxury to our life (a very important quality for a single Mom!)

My home is never really dirty, it looks clean and fresh for all that enter to enjoy, but mostly for those of us that live here. This works for me and it can work for you.

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