Kirby G6 Best Multi-Surface Floors Vacuum Cleaners Review


Kirby G6 Vacuum Cleaner & Shampooer is best vacuum for pet hairs and mixed floors as carpet, tile, hardwood floors. It’s one of the few models made mostly of metal and will last you a long time and it was expensive! However, it cleans so well, I wouldn’t consider anything else. I also have a Dyson which is broken again after some dust clogged the cheap plastic internal flappers.

Is a Kirby Vacuum Cleaner Worth the Money?

I’ve had my Kirby for forty-five years and haven’t had a problem nor even a hiccup yet. I keep an Electrolux canister for weekly cleanings and an Oreck XL for daily cleanings but my Kirby was our primary vacuum until ten years ago and was used every day for decades.

I use it twice per week now. They really are the last machine you’ll ever need to buy. This works great for vacuuming up pet hair, mattresses, upholstery, and cars.

Kirby G6 Vacuum Cleaner On Carpet Cleaning:

I bought Kirby G6 vacuum when I replaced my living and dining room carpets. The carpets look like new today, 12 plus years later. I have asthma and the Kirby has been one of the best things I have ever bought, both for looking after the carpets, removing dirt and dust.

Simply outstanding. Yes, it’s relatively heavy and relatively complex, but it’s not made of plastic and genuinely lasts for decades. A breath of quality in an all too plastic and disposable age.


Kirby’s powerful motor, combined with a sturdy wooden roller with stiff bristles means that the brush roll agitates debris that hides all the way at the bottom of the carpet, and the aforementioned airflow then sucks it all up. It’s basically designed for deep cleaning carpets.

It’s an upright vacuum, but with the right attachments, it also can convert to a canister vacuum, a carpet and furniture shampooer, a hard floor polishing machine, a blower, a paint sprayer a handheld vacuum for mattresses and furniture, a mop, a tile and grout cleaner, and more.

As a carpet shampooer, it uses what’s called a dry foam technique which allows for faster drying of carpets.

Kirby G6 Vacuum Cleaner On Floor Cleaning:

This vacuum has a lot of power and does not hold itself back when putting it to cleaning. This machine employs a dirty fan system, with the fan being less than 3-inches from the floor, causing the airflow on this vacuum to be tremendous at the point of floor contact.

The motor is also VERY powerful, and at times this can be a bit of a problem (think to suck up a smaller rug). The machine is raised and lowered manually through two pedals on the front wheels.

This must be done to set the height every time you wish to vacuum your floors. Although the Brushroll on this machine is a softer one (a stiffer version is available for those with pet hair) the airflow at the floor head more than makes up for it, creating amazing cleaning power.

At the floor head we measured 5079 fpm of airflow, or 132 cfm which is just amazing, for context the Dyson Ball Animal 2 which is one of the best regular consumer vacuums in the airflow category measured only 2126 fpm That means the Kirby has more than double the amount of airflow of the most powerful model in Dyson’s lineup.

In canister mode, with the hard floor attachment, the airflow is reduced somewhat but it still measured 2736 fpm, again for context the Dyson V10 which has the highest airflow of any cordless vacuum we know of measured 1929 fpm at the cleaner head, so the Kirby has about 30% more airflow than the Dyson V10 even is canister mode.

If you have a lot of hard floors the Kirby in canister mode is what you want. It takes me about a minute and a half to switch it over. The super-powerful airflow can be controlled with a switch on the handle.

Additional tips: As the bristles on the brush roll wear you just rotate the endplates to the next number. This moves the bristles closer to the floor. You get four times the life out of the brushroll before replacement is necessary compared to other vacuums.


This vacuum is a bagged machine and has a variety of bags that can be used in it for varying levels of filtration. The lowest level of filtration is a paper bag that restricts airflow quickly and leaks some dust but will get the job done and is pretty cheap.

The middle level of filtration is a cloth aftermarket bag made by EnviroCare, this bag is pretty good at keeping in the dirt and dust but misses some fine particles.

The top bag is the genuine Kirby Allergen Reduction Filter, this HEPA filter bag will capture an amazing amount of dirt, dust, allergens and more from the air being filtered through it. This bag is expensive but does a great job of keeping the dirt in the bag and out of the air.


When it comes to attachments there is no vacuum like the Kirby, bar none. The standards like a turbo brush, crevice tool, and wand are done quite well, but if that’s where you stop you will miss so much of the value of the vacuum. This vacuum also has attachments for sanding/grinding, shampooing your carpets, buffing hard floors and even spraying (yep, the machine can paint your house)!

Most of these are not included with the base price of the machine but they can be purchased separately or bargained for at the time of purchase. One downside to these attachments is the number of steps required to take off the floor head and attach the tool you want to use. This requires a bit of work to do and you have to attach the floor head when you are done using the tools.

Ease of use:

This machine is quite unique when it comes to usability, as it is a very heavy machine which makes it hard to use if you have more than one story, but also has features like a transmission to make it quite light to push.

The machine will automatically apply forward or reverse motion to the back wheels when pushed forward or backward, lightening the amount of force needed to push. This really helps when the machine is sealed to the floor as it can get very hard to push when the transmission is not enabled. In addition, the attachment system is somewhat hard to use and people that are new to the Kirby are often confused by it.

In this video is How to shampoo carpet, stairs, furniture with Kirby Vacuum Cleaner:

I just got a big spot out of my daughter’s carpet in her room I have attempted to remover several times in the past by hand because I didn’t know how to attach and use my Kirby carpet cleaning system. I just watched your instructions and done. My carpet is clean any drying now. Thanks again!

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