How to get spray paint out of carpet?

My grand-kids dog tracked neon green spray paint onto my brand new carpet. I have tried acetone, no luck, carpet cleaning, no luck. And luckily I found a way can remove spray paint out of the carpet.

If you have oil paint, the alcohol will not work but the brush cleaner and restorer will dissolve it. Most likely mineral spirits will as well but it has more of an odor to it and is flammable, so you will need to wash the area thoroughly with soap and water several times to remove all traces.

  1. First, test your cleaning solvent on an area that cannot be seen to make sure the fibers and dyes of your carpet will not be harmed.
  2. Saturate the stain with your solvent of choice. I use Goo Gone Original Liquid.
  3. Allow to soak in for about 5 minutes.
  4. Using a butter knife or palette knife scrape dried paint off the dried paint.
  5. Rub and pat with your cleaning rag to remove loosened paint.
  6. Keep repeating steps 2 – 5 until all paint is moved.
  7. Mop up excess solvent with a clean rag.

You may need to shampoo the carpet afterward. I have not found this to be necessary as I have never had a residue remaining.

What is the best way to remove spray paint?

To start this process, I filled a spray bottom with very warm water and sprayed it on the spot. I let it sit for a minute and then used a cloth to blot up what I could. It is important to blot at the stain, not rub. Rubbing can damage the carpet fibers and cause them to fray.

how to get spray paint out of carpet

Next up, Goo Gone. You do want to wear gloves when using this product. Spray Goo Gone on a fresh cloth and continue to blot at the stain.

remove spray paint out of carpet

Spray on warm water to rinse and blot again with another fresh cloth.

Starting to look better, but still purple.

Next on my list was laundry soap. I think any brand would be fine (just make sure it doesn’t contain bleach!) Mix 1 Tbsp. of soap with 1 Tbsp. of water in a plastic cup. Spoon mix onto the stain. I didn’t use all of it, just enough to cover.

Rub it in with the spoon and let it sit for 30 minutes.

After it soaks, fill a steam cleaner with hot water and set the cleaner to RINSE (no soap). Use a hand tool to gently rub at the stain while you rinse with hot water.

I was able to get almost all of the paint out using this method, but a faint purple tint still appeared when the carpet was wet. As the carpet dried, the purple tint faded and blended into the dark flecks in my carpet.

Tips for Getting Spray Paint Out of Carpet

Using the methods above, any stain by spray paint should eventually lift up, with a little elbow grease. Here are a coupe expert tips to help make your efforts a success.

  1. Blot, don’t scrub.
    Blotting helps to lift the stain, scrubbing can force the paint into the carpet fibers and make it harder to clean.
  2. Work your way from the outside.
    Start blotting on the outside edge of the spill to help contain it and prevent yourself from spreading the spill to a larger area.
  3. Use warm water.
    Warm water, versus cold, helps to dissolve the acrylic paint and loosen it from the carpet fibers. Cold water helps to set it.
  4. Vacuum steam it.
    Use a streamer attachment for a vacuum to help loosen the stain as you work.
  5. Ventilate the area.
    As you’re working through cleaning the paint stain, you may be trying a number of different solutions. Be sure to ventilate the area and take regular breaks as needed.
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