Hoover SteamVac F5914900 Deep Cleaning Carpet Review


We purchased the Hoover SteamVac Carpet Cleaner F5914900 to clean and freshen up the very old carpeting in my home, as well as to remove pet stains. Hoover never fails when it comes to delivering top-notch steam carpet cleaners and the SteamVac proves just that.

If you’re looking to invest in a good cleaner without having to spend a whole lot, the F5914900 SteamVac Carpet Cleaner from Hoover is a great choice. It does a decent job cleaning a reasonable amount of dirt from your carpets and freshening them up.

Hoover SteamVac F5914900 Deep Cleaning Carpet

It is relatively light, easy to maneuver, and easy to store. This is a nice choice if you want the convenience of a simple, decent carpet cleaner in your own home but do not want to pay a huge price.

Watching your carpet go from dirty to clean in just a few seconds will make you feel so great about your home that you will not be able to stop cleaning! The powerful SteamVac features both the Clean Surge function as well as the now very well known SpinScrub technology.

The unit is not too clunky or heavy compared to other carpet cleaners out there, and you can easily be steam cleaning a rug within five minutes of taking the cleaner out of the box.

Not only is this steam carpet cleaner effective and easy to use, but it is also a great price! For around $135 you get an amazing Hoover carpet cleaner that can get even the toughest of stains out of your precious carpet.

Hoover SteamVac F5914900 review

We feel this SteamVac does a very satisfactory job of cleaning carpets. My carpets look cleaner and smell fresher after use. We have had problems with feline urination in the past, and this cleaner can deal with a urine spot on occasion. If there is a more persistent problem with pet urine soaking into the rug, however, this SteamVac will not be able to completely remove the smell.

We are very impressed with the Hoover SteamVac’s performance in sucking the water out of the rug and drying the carpet. The carpet is left only slightly damp if the directions in the manual are followed, and the rug is completely dry in very little time.

On the some old stains and heavy traffic areas. These stains came out nicely. Just make sure to operate this SteamVac slowly to let it do the work. We also dumped yogurt and spilled milk onto the carpeting. In both instances, the Clean Surge carpet cleaner cleaned up the mess and eliminated any trace of these spills.

To load this SteamVac with cleaning solution, it is a three-step process. The first thing you should do is fill up the tank with warm water all the way to the fill line. The cap of the tank doubles as the measuring cup for detergent. Pour the cleaning solution in the cap and then dump it in with the warm water. The last step is to put snap the upper tank back onto the Hoover Carpet Cleaner.

When the lower tank is filled with dirty liquid, it’s time to empty it. You have to lower the upper part of the Steamvac to expose the lower tank. Then unclip the tank and remove it from the main unit. Pull up on the front tab to take off the tank lid, and finally dump out the dirty water. You’ll be stunned at how filthy the water is even after just a little bit of cleaning your carpeting up with the Hoover SteamVac Clean Surge carpet cleaner.

Every time we have used this SteamVac, we have been impressed with the amount of filth in the water that it has been able to pull out of the carpet. The dirty water container opens easily, dumps out neatly, and you can close it up and return it to the unit without getting your own hands dirty.

What Is The Hoover SteamVac Carpet Cleaner?

The SteamVac F5914900 is Hoover’s most popular budget-friendly steam carpet cleaner. It features the Clean Surge technology which is a detergent injection system that gives an extra burst of cleaning solution for the tougher stains.

The Clean Surge is currently only featured on the SteamVac which is why this is such a special Hoover SteamVac with clean surge products.
It also features the now very well known SpinScrub technology which are five spinning scrub brushes that have the ability to clean carpets, upholstery and hard floor surfaces.

You can now finally use a steam carpet cleaner for more than just the carpet! The 12-amp motor that the SteamVac is equipped with will ensure plenty of power for years of cleaning. All you need to add in some hot tap water and Hoover’s special cleaning solution and you are all set. Another cool feature of the SteamVac is its multi-speed brush control.

There are 3-speed options included, high for normal cleaning, low for a gentle clean on more sensitive areas, and finally the option of having no agitation so spills can easily be picked up.

With thousands of positive customer reviews, it is no surprise that it has taken the world of carpet cleaning by storm. Not only does it work so well but it is so cost-effective for a carpet cleaner it is hard not to buy it just to say you have one.

The SteamVac comes with two water tanks, one for you clean and hot water, and the other for your dirty water. You will be amazed to see what this vacuum picks up after so many years of neglect to your carpet.

Many users report that the first time they used the SteamVac the dirty water was almost completely black. This is where the 12-amp motor really shines, it powers the tough SpinScrub technology as well the powerful vacuum to lift the soiled water out of the carpet.

What Are The Benefits Of The SteamVac?

Easy Cleaning: Hoover cannot make it any easier for you to get your carpet looking like it is brand new. Many carpet cleaners end up not being able to get most of the grime and hair out of your carpet and rather just move it all around your home.

With the SteamVac this is no longer an issue, if you experience any clogging of any sort, the SpinBrush technology easily pops out and is completely washable if any buildup occurs. How annoying is it when your carpet cleaner gets clogged and there is nothing you can do but take the machine apart? With the SteamVac this will no longer be an issue for you!

Quick To Dry: It can’t get any better this. This machine comes with a heated drying system that will drastically cut down the need to wait around for your carpet to dry. With the SteamVac you will be able to clean and dry all at the same time!

Not only will your carpet be freshly cleaned but you will not have to worry about wet carpet all day. This greatly reduces the risk of any moisture getting deep under the carpet and causing mold or smelly carpet later.

Clean More Than Your Floors: Clean more with the handheld carpet and upholstery tool. Also included is the SpinScrub Hand Tool. These are great tools for cleaning upholstery or hard to reach corners that your vacuum may not be able to get to.

Another great idea is to take your SteamVac outside and detail your car with these handy attachments. Spot reduction is now easier than ever with these tools and you will find that these are worth their weight in gold!

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