Do It Yourself Carpet Dye Kits – Got Bleach Stains

You can eliminate your small permanent carpet stains with this do it yourself carpet dye kit and color match your spots. Your carpet is a major investment, you maintain it by vacuuming it on a regular basis, and have the carpet cleaned professionally when needed and spot clean it also to keep its new carpet color appearance.

How to get Bleach out of Carpet

Unfortunately carpet spots and stains can and do occur. For example, carpet spots drips and drops of bleach, acne medication which contains benzoyl peroxide, and other chemicals that will remove the carpets color and alter the carpets appearance.

This carpet dye system will include the carpet color or colors needed to remedy your stains.

This carpet kit is an alternative to replacement and may save you hundreds of dollars . Check out my testimonial page for many past success stories and feel free to contact any of them.

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