Bissell Big Green Professional Carpet Cleaner Machine BG10 Review


If you want to clean carpet professionally especially if you have back pain problems Bissell big green carpet cleaner BG10 is great chose. It’s a great alternative to hiring a professional grade carpet cleaner, and gives superb results when used on hard to remove dirt and stains.

It’s superior carpet cleaners, pulled out so many stains and my carpet is several shades lighter. It deep cleans better, it sucks way more water from carpets, every plastic piece is commercial grade, the rear wheels have rubber tread, and it’s capacity for clean and dirty water is great for large houses. It reaches a new level of clean with its powerful motors and extra large brush roll. It’s very easy to use and carry around. This BISSELL model is a top choice. It scored 95 points out of 100 in my testing.


What Features Make Bissell Big Green Stand Out?

The Bissell BigGreen Commercial BG10 Deep Cleaning produces exceptional performance when measured against its competitors. In fact, it has been tested against the leading rental carpet cleaner from other companies, and the results were measured for the color and brightness of the carpet fibers after treatment. The Big Green Deep Cleaning Machine produced results that were twice as good as the leading competitor.

That’s the science and the testing behind the product, but how did it perform in practice? Well, I found this carpet cleaning machine a delight to use. You can feel the quality as you use it, and with its careful non-tip design, you’ll never feel as if your fighting against the machine as you use it.

The dirtlifter powerbrushes are unique to BISSELL, and give a stand out performance when used with stubborn spots and stains, or even when used on larger areas of discoloration or ground in dirt. It’s surprisingly quiet as well, for a machine that uses 1320 watts.

BISSELL have built up an unrivaled reputation over nearly a century and a half, so consumers know that they’re buying quality when they invest in one of their machines. It’s sturdy, tough, and durable, so you won’t have to worry about the knocks and bangs it might pick up during a vigorous cleaning process. The five year conditional warranty is also testimony to the manufacturer’s faith in this machine, as well as to its all round reliability.

We all know how prolonged periods of cleaning can bring on back and neck ache, but not with this cleaner. The adjustable tank handle makes a big difference when compared to other professional grade carpet cleaners, allowing you to clean longer without any aches or niggles.

Performance: The BISSELL Big Green Deep Cleaning Machine Professional Grade Carpet Cleaner is powered by a strong 12 amp motor, giving it a powerful cleaning performance that’s ideal for use on larger areas or particularly aggressive stains.

Capacity: The Big Green Deep Cleaning Machine includes two tanks, one for clean water and one for dirty water. The capacity of the clean water tank is a very generous 1.75 liters. This is almost double the capacity you’ll find in many competing cleaning machines.

Heating: One of this machine’s many innovations is that it uses hot air from the motor itself to dry the carpet, in effect recycling the energy it produces. It doesn’t heat the water used in the cleaning process, but hot water can be used in it, making the cleaning process more efficient. A typical carpet will be dry in between two to three hours.

Width: An 11.5 inch width means that it is easily maneuverable into difficult to reach areas of the carpet.

Solutions: BISSELL don’t just make cutting edge cleaning machines, such as this one, they also make highly effective cleaning solutions. When you buy the Big Green Deep Cleaning Machine you’ll also get a 24 ounce bottle of the BISSELL Deep Clean Pro formula that’s proven to be highly effective on carpets.

Accessories: As well as the deep cleaning formula, purchasers of this professional grade carpet cleaner will also get two highly useful accessories: a six inch stair tool, and a nine inch upholstery hose. These have been designed with simplicity in mind, making it easier than ever to achieve a successful clean in these essential areas of the home or office.

Special Features: This BISSELL Carpet Cleaner is packed with special features, including special rotating, dirtlifter powerbrushes that are unique to BISSELL and that get to the heart of deep down carpet problems. It also has an ergonomically designed adjustable tank handle, so that it’s perfect for users of any size and stature. There’ll be no need to worry about posture and back pains when using this machine.

Waranty: A 5 year limited warranty from BISSELL provides added peace of mind.

Pros Of Bissell BG10 :

  • Great value for money
  • Adjustable handle makes it a pleasure to use whether you’re tall or short
  • Powerful patented brushes are superb at dirt removal
  • Hot water can be used for even quicker cleaning
  • Carpets can be dried and ready to walk on is as little as two hours
  • Compact design, and two special attachments, mean that you can clean every inch of the property
  • Highly effective cleaning solution included with the unit itself
  • Carpets are left twice as bright as those cleaned by the leading rival

Cons Of Bissell BG10 :

  • A BISSELL carpet cleaning solution has to be used to keep the warranty valid
  • There is no option to heat water using the Big Green Deep Cleaning Machine

Rug Doctor Deep Carpet Cleaner VS Bissell Big Green

I own the big green and have used the rug doctor also. The big green is just such a more easy to use machine and you can go back and forth instead of more like a “squeegee” type method of the rug doctor. The rug doctors short handle hurts my back too.


In all those tests the Bissell Big Green is shown to clean slightly better than the Rug Doctor. Part of the reason for this may be that the Bissell uses a large brush roll where the Rug Doctor uses a vibrating brush bar.

Another reason is that unlike the Rug Doctor The Bissel cleans with a forward motion and a backward motion, compared to the rug doctor which only cleans as you pull it towards you. You have to rock it back on its wheels and push it forward to get back to the original position. The reclining handle also makes the Bissell easier to push and pull giving it the edge in ease of use over the rug doctor.

With the water refilling the Bissell again has the edge because you can remove the water tank to fill it whereas with the Rug Doctor you need to bring water to the cleaner which seems unnecessarily complicated and potentially messy. Though the Rug doctor does have double the amount of water capacity at 3.7 gallons so you wouldn’t have to refill it as many times as the Bissell.

The both have optional hand tools for stairs or upholstery. They both get the job done but the brush on the Bissell seems more effective, the Rug Doctor brush seems very sparse. However the hose is much longer on the Rug Doctor at 12’ instead of only 9’ on the Bissell. Also it is is much easier to attach the hose on the Bissell, as with the Rug Doctor there are some connections that are a little harder to connect and a bit more confusing.


It’s incredible value for the cleaning power that it provides, and the fact that it doubles the performance of its leading competitor speaks for itself. Using the Big Green Deep Cleaning Machine regularly will bring significant savings when compared to hiring professional grade carpet cleaners. Although it’s designed to be of commercial quality it’s also incredibly easy to use, making it perfect for home use. Full instructions are provided with the cleaner.

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