Printed Motor Works is pleased to announce the commissioning of our second Magtrol dynamometer. The new dyno can test motors of to 15kW with a maximum torque of 100Nm and maximum speed of 15,000rpm. Additionally, it has the ability to measure efficiency, power factor, thermal response and torque constance amongst other things.

The test rig is furnished with two EA-PSI 9000 series DC power supplies, each rated at 15kW. One has an output of 350Vdc, 120A and the other power supply has 80Vdc, 510A. We also have a 2-channel, 2000 Series Picoscope.

Second Magtrol dynamometer installed at Printed Motor Works

The new dyno comes with a custom control panel tower built by Magtrol and comprising their DSP 7000 high speed dyno controller, 7500 Series power analyser. These and the two power supplies are controlled by a computer running M-Test7 motor testing software.

This will complement our existing Magtrol dyno that can test motors of up to 1.8kW with a maximum torque of 14Nm and maximum speed of 12,000rpm.

This new addition to our range would suit designers or manufactures who might not have their own testing capabilities or be able to test up to this power of motor. It is also useful for motors that need to have performance independently validated, or need motor controllers to be tuned to them. There is no “typical” customer or sector as they would range from oil and
gas underground to aerospace way above, and anything in between – which makes for an interesting and challenging range of applications and endless possibilities.

We are also excited to announce that we will be opening up our test lab to external customers wishing to test their own motors. Our motor test facility will now be available based on a per day rate for the equipment combined with a per day rate for our engineers.




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