We are proud to release our first two designs in a family of fully integrated electric hubs designated OxDrive – A new standard in electric drive solutions for autonomous and electric agricultural vehicles.

PMW and niche vehicle and motor sport innovators Performance Projects have joined forces with the help of an Innovate grant and the University of Lincoln’s Lincoln Institute for Food Agri-Food Technology,  to develop this revolutionary bolt-on solution for agricultural vehicles. Rivalling a traditional geared motor standard, the OxDrive is a complete electric drive solution, engineered to work faultlessly in the most demanding conditions,  designed for low speed, high torque applications. As a fully integrated wheel hub, gearbox, brake and CAN open drive solution there is no further need to go to multiple suppliers to build a solution and run through the teething problems of design and development, we have done it for you.

The bolt-on solution is an e-hub drive which is directly attached to the wheels either in a 0.8kW version for small vehicles or in an 8kW version for heavy duty applications. 

The benefits of the OxDrive are twinfold – environmentally as well as economically. For industries looking to reduce their carbon footprint an OxDrive solution can make vehicles electric. For reliability the electric e-hub drive is far simpler and cheaper to run than combustion engine equivalents..

The OxDrive is available for release for onsite field trials, and we are seeking organisations and partners, working with their feedback on this exciting product. Please get in touch with any questions and we will be happy to discuss pre-production and post production costs and how a trial could benefit your sustainability strategy and plans to move toward electric agricultural autonomous vehicles.

The OxDrive is designed for the agricultural market where slow speed and precise control are required for accurate seeding, pest control and crop nurturing. Combined with GPS and vision systems autonomous agricultural vehicles can work the land around the clock, not affected by potential shortages in labour and personnel. Seeding, spraying and other activities can continue effortlessly. 

OxDrive agricultural e-hub on Saga platform





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